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A community where no one is hungry.

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To collect and distribute food to those in need and help our community find solutions to hunger-related issues.

core values

  • The Airdrie Food Bank  (the “AFB”) is available for everyone in need;

  • We treat people with dignity and respect and are non-judgmental;

  • We value and support our community;

  • We value people's talents and abilities;

  • We are recognized as community leaders and good stewards;

  • We value neighbours helping neighbours.

our history


The Airdrie Food Bank was founded in March 1984 in response to a critical need identified by local churches. Each church appointed a representative to the board, and donations of food and money from congregations were used to fill hampers. The Anglican Church generously provided a room for the Food Bank, which operated out of various locations for storage.

Initially, the number of hamper requests was low, and volunteers fulfilled requests as they came in. A record-keeping system using card files tracked the number of times a client received a hamper. However, as the demand for assistance grew, Family Services began to handle calls for applications. To accommodate the increase in requests, the Food Bank established regular hamper-filling days on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

In 1995, as demand for the Airdrie Food Bank's services continued to increase (reaching approximately 20 hampers per month), it became evident that Family Services could no longer handle the volume of incoming calls. In response, Family Services provided the Food Bank access to a phone, a computer, and office space to better manage the increased demand. To support these efforts, the Food Bank hired a coordinator to process client calls twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, and to coordinate the filling of hampers by volunteers the following day.

However, the church basement that had served as the Food Bank's storage and distribution center was no longer adequate for the organization's needs. As a result, the City of Airdrie's social planning department worked with the Food Bank to secure space in the newly opened Regional Health Building in 1998. This new facility allowed the Food Bank to store supplies, maintain its office, and stock grocery shelves in one location, streamlining operations for staff and volunteers. The Food Bank secured the space at an annual lease rate of only one dollar, resulting in significant cost savings for the organization over the years.

In 2006, the Airdrie Food Bank faced the challenge of finding a new location, as the space they had been using within the Regional Health Building was required for other purposes. The Food Bank launched a campaign to identify a new location, and the City of Airdrie offered to lease a piece of land to the organization. A group of dedicated volunteers, led by Martin Durocher, spearheaded the project, which involved purchasing and modifying a mobile home to meet commercial standards and moving and renovating a building donated by the Ag building to serve as a warehouse. After considerable effort and hard work, the new location was ready for the Food Bank's use, and the organization celebrated its Grand Opening in March 2007.

The Airdrie Food Bank struggled for years to keep up with the increasing service demand. To address this need, the organization embarked on a mission to secure additional space that could better serve the community. Thanks to the incredible support of the local community, the Food Bank moved into a new, purpose-built facility in August 2014. This new space allowed the organization to meet the growing demand for food services and other programs.

In 2016, the Airdrie Food Bank continued to expand its offerings, introducing skill-building programs through its Community Kitchen. As demand for these services continues to grow, the organization remains committed to providing crucial assistance to those in need in the community. 

Over the years, the Airdrie Food Bank has grown significantly, providing essential services to those in need within the community. The organization now operates out of a larger facility. It has staff and volunteers who work to ensure families and individuals have access to healthy and nutritious food.

The Airdrie Food Bank relies heavily on the community's support, with donations of food, money, and volunteer time essential to the organization's success. The continued growth and success of the Airdrie Food Bank are a testament to the dedication and generosity of the community and the importance of supporting those in need.

The Airdrie Food Bank faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, as demand for food assistance skyrocketed. At the same time, the organization worked to protect the health and safety of its clients, volunteers, and staff. Despite these challenges, the Food Bank persevered, implementing measures to provide critical support to those in need. These measures included the introduction of contactless food distribution, increased sanitization protocols, and using personal protective equipment (PPE) by all volunteers and staff. Thanks to the tireless efforts of its staff and volunteers, the Airdrie Food Bank remained open and accessible to those in need throughout the pandemic, ensuring that no one went hungry during this challenging time.





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