School Programs

Fuel 4 Kids

Many families in our community are struggling and some children go to school without anything to eat. Without lunch, these students’ ability to learn is negatively impacted. Our goal is to ensure that no child goes hungry at school in our area. Fuel 4 Kids lunch program started in 2016 with two area schools and expanded to three in 2017. The schools identify the number of lunches needed each week, lunch food is purchased; then volunteers make the lunches and deliver them to the schools. It costs $5,000 per year for each school lunch program. Your support will help us expand this program. Donations can be made at our location, by phone or through our CanadaHelps.

Snack Attack

Emergency snack, breakfast and/or lunch food items are offered to 22 schools in Airdrie and surrounding area. Schools place an order, which is filled and delivered by our volunteers. We do not limit items given to what has been donated to us only, so whenever needed, items are purchased by us. Snack items are provided to students on an as need basis. The purpose of this program is to make sure no child is hungry at school. This program is funded in part by the RBC Foundation.

R.J. Hawkey Breakfast Program

The R.J. Hawkey Breakfast Program addresses food insecurity in children, specifically those between the ages of 5 and 10 who come to school hungry. Typically these students either were not fed breakfast at home or did not receive a properly nutritional one. The program goes further to provide emotional and social support to these children. The staff and volunteers who participate in this program are mentors and the children form trusting relationships with them.

G.E.A.R. (Gathering Edibles for Airdrie Residents)

G.E.A.R. project enables schools to meet the Rocky View School (RVS) goals, while at the same time assisting those local and area families in need. RVS schools sign up for one of the 10 months in a school year. Each school then collects food during that specific month. They can promote their food drive in whatever manner they see fit. Once the food drive is completed, the school calls the Airdrie Food Bank who then sends someone to do the food pick-up. The Airdrie Food Bank can provide a Certificate of Participation for that school, should they request it.

School Partnership Programs

It's important that students learn about social issues. Their understanding of hunger and poverty will help build the public support that's needed for social change. We are happy to answer any questions from individual students and/or classes. Students/classes can help by: Arranging to come in to volunteer during our regular business hours, on a PD day or during holidays such as March Break. Special weekend events are another option. High school students volunteering at Airdrie Food Bank should bring their volunteer tracking sheets.
Organizing a food drive at your school, church, or other organization. Be sure to register with us, so that we know what you are doing and can provide assistance.
Arranging a student tour of the Airdrie Food Bank and classroom presentation on hunger. We can provide a speaker for classes on civics, social issues and related courses.
Gardens Replenish Our World (G.R.O.W.) - Grade 4 students at Airdrie's Nose Creek Elementary plant, grow and harvest a garden at Dixon Farms located northwest of Airdrie. The potatoes are planted in the spring by one year's class and then harvested in the fall by the next year's class. Food collected by the students is donated to the Airdrie Food Bank.