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Our Impact

The Airdrie Food Bank is the first line of emergency food support for families and individuals facing a crisis. 


Hunger is closer than you think. Your neighbour, your child's classmate or even a coworker may struggle to get enough food. These are our friends and neighbours who encounter a life setback and need our help and compassion.

The Airdrie Food Bank is community-owned and community-supported, and it takes community action to provide healthy and nutritious food support. Last year, the Airdrie Food Bank fed 69,116  people in our community, 44% of those being children. 

The Airdrie Food Bank not only plays a role in fighting hunger in our community, but we are also tackling the food waste problem and helping the environment. Our food recovery programs saved 1,013,372lbs of edible but often not sellable food from the landfill over 40,000 lbs of non-consumable food from the landfill to feed local farm animals.

Despite our very best efforts, our community is in need. That's why we rely on donations from local farmers, commercial partners, grocery stores, local restaurants, community and home gardeners, individuals, corporations, and community groups to join us in the fight against hunger. Find out how you can support us.


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Quick Facts
July 2022 - June 2023

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