Our hampers include a variety of nutritional food and essentials.


Whenever we run short, we have to purchase these items.



school programs

  • Bathroom Tissue

  • Facial Tissue

  • Feminine Hygiene Items

  • Household Cleaning Supplies

  • Toothpaste & Bar Soap

  • Juice Boxes 250 ml (No Sugar Added)

  • Pasta Microwavable

  • Peanut-Free, Non-Dipped Granola Bars

  • Spreadable Cheese & Cracker Packs

  • Tuna & Crackers Packs

  • Formula

  • Enfamil Gentlease

  • Diapers 

baby needs


  • Beans & Legumes

  • Boxed Cereal (Cold and Hot)

  • Canned Tomatoes, Fruit and Vegetables

  • Condiments

  • Dry Pasta

  • Flour*

  • Jam & Honey

  • Juice (1 Litre Boxes)

  • Meat, Canned (Tuna, Chicken, Ham etc.)

  • Milk, Evaporate and Powdered

  • Milk Alternatives (Almond, Rice, Soy etc.)

  • Oats *

  • Pancake Mix

  • Peanut Butter

  • Rice *

  • Side Dishes or meal kits (Rice-a-roni, Noodles, Rice etc.)

  • Soup, Dried Large Packages

  • Soup, Single Serve Cups

  • Sugar *

  • Sugar free items (for diabetics - Splenda, Diabetic Boost etc.)

  • Syrup


Flour, sugar, oats & rice can be donated  in bulk as we repackage these item

expiry dates

Please check expiry dates. Our guideline is, if we wouldn't eat it, we don't give it out.

fresh vegetables

We accept perishable items (garden vegetables, fruit and certified/store-bought meat). Please bring them to our warehouse during office hours

food donations

Food can be dropped off at any grocery store in Airdrie or at the Airdrie Food Bank